January 26, 2011

Bullies. The word seems so elementary, its the only thing to call these people. Every single day I witness “bullying” whether it be in the halls or in the classroom. For example, There is a super smart asian kid in my math class. He answers every question without giving others a chance to think. It makes other people mad so they say such hurtful things to him as a “joke”, and laugh about “how asian he is” ??? I don’t think it’s a joke at all. These kinds of things bring down self esteem, and it honestly kills me inside to think about it. Where is the teacher when kids say such rude things? Hiding in the back pretending like she didn’t hear? It’s ridiculous. I feel like it’s our job to stick up for these kids, too. It’s definitly a good feeling for this kid to know he has people by his side. And the hallway is a total different story. Is it really that hard to ask for people to just be more civil?

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Christmas, WHO DAT nation, Random.

January 12, 2011


Was an awesome day this year. We don’t give eachother a million presents, we just all give one small present to eachother so it wasnt too crazy, I spent Christmas with my mom, brother and sister as always, but this year was pretty cool because in the middle of the day I left for New Orleans! Which was a super long car ride. I’m absolutely in love with who dat nation. Everyday felt like a party. There was great food, the people were so nice, and extremeley funny. Also the hotel we stayed at was smack dab on Bourbon st. If you dont know much about Bourbon st, think of the Strand down in Galveston but much more close together. My favorite memory was being there when the big Saints/Falcons game was on (it was an away game) but still awesome to be in the city of the winners! Seeing family was also alot of fun.


This is a HUGE accomplishment for the Hale family. We finished our childhood goal. We cleaned our scary-messy gameroom and it is completely cleaned and refurnished! We will be uploading some pics on facebook pretty soon! I’m over excited to get some use out of this room and actually have people over.


LOVE. LOVE. LOVE all of the pieces! Of course my favorite was Cara’s piece Last 5 minutes because of how intense the choreo was and pretty much the meaning of it all. I was very impressed with Travis’s piece, too. I’m pretty much in love with both choreography. The other dances were of course very well put together, those two just stay in my memory so clear.


I’ve got tons of homework, projects, and tests to study for, so I guess its time to wrap this one up. LATEARRIVAL-THURSDAY is all I can say.

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Young American Poems

December 14, 2010

I want to share with you my favorite Youth poem:

Last Good-Byes

A man stepped up in a suit and tie
With loving tears in his eyes
He cleared his throat and began to speak
He often tried not to weep
Thank you Grandma for loving me all those years
Giving me shelter and taking away my fears
You took me in at only eight
You taught me to love and never hate
You taught me how to tie my shoe
And read Dr. Seuss and Cindy Lou Who
You taught me how to make a friend
You are an angel God did send
Your heart warmer than a flame fifty feet tall
The man bowed his head and began to bawl
Then the man straightened out
He knew he must go on
Thank you for being there unlike Dad and Mom
You taught me all the little things in life
You taught me how to love and cherish my wife
Everything I am I owe to you
You knew about everything and what to do
You molded me into the man I am today
For the first time I don’t know what to say
What I’m trying to say is I love you
And am so thankful for what you do
I know you had to leave this world behind
But just like before you’ll be there for me I
In body, soul, and mind

Nick Gately



December 13, 2010

I’m stumped. We got our 3rd secret Santa gifts today, I LOVE MY GIFT. Got an awesome Lady G shirt with tons of Gaga tunes, along with other artist. Particularly, my favorite was samskeyti by Sigur Ros, I already love Track 3 (which I listen to on the bus every morning) so now having the piano version is even better.

Finals are this week, I’m excited to get it all over with. Then ON TO CHRISTMAS BREAK whooooooooooo!

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School, plus updates.

December 5, 2010

Blah were smack dab in the middle of Nutcracker, next rehersal is nutty nutcracker, rawr. Time is flying by. So performing and rehersing and hanging with friends has left me no time to do homework and projects that are due on Tuesday since I missed Thursday and Friday. So I will be staying up late to figure this all out. Also, I get my lettermen jacket at the end of the year, and I’m TOO excited, I’ve already been thinking about what I’m going to put under my last name! “LilMiss, Lil Hale, LilmissHale”, or one of the Little miss’s such as Little miss fun, little miss sunshine, little miss trouble, something of that nature! Tell me what you think!

Some updates: We got our gifts from our secret santas, and boy was I overjoyed to recieve mine. I got the most beautiful white rose, that said “she’ll be with us tonight” on a card attached. And the part that was also special is that it was Dec. 3rd when we got these presents. It made me cry. I didn’t want to take the beautiful flower home to die, so I left it in a special place in the company dressing room, that way everyone could share the experience. I also got some candy and a card which was cool too! I’m kind of narrowing it down to a boy by the handwriting, (but a girl can have messy handwriting too, so this is very tricky) lol plus they put little hearts over the I’s , but they could be using reverse psychology! 😮 hmmmmmm

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November 29, 2010

SO. There are two reasons I stopped blogging for a suuuuuuuuuper long time.

1. My password was reset and I couldn’t find the paper I wrote it down on!

2. I pretty much thought no one read it (which wasn’t true)

So lets start new. Thanksgiving was awesome. The food was great, reuniting with family was awesome, and FOOTBALL. So if you know me, (or seen my pics on fb) you know I’m a Longhorn fan. I’m bummed about their bad season, ehhh. So you could imagine how upset I was over the loss against our rivals. Hopefully, next year they’ll be better. It also suprises many people that my sister is an aggie. They think I’d be an a&m fan, too. Not the case. Anyways, I’m so happy for my sister that she’s going to the college of her dreams! Now I hope I get to go to UT!


Tears, sweat, blisters. :c

Nutcracker has officially taken over my life. I find myself having to cancel all my plans with friends because of Nutcracker rehersals. It’s terrible. Plus, I’m an emotional person. I have been since I was itty bitty.  So little things upset me. But the moment your on that stage dancing, you finally realize why you dance. During those hard hours of rehersals, I ask myself: Why do I even do this? I could be anywhere else. Then, the moment the curtain rises, You fall in love with being on stage. I can’t even imagine life without dance.


No comment.


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A year ago today… June 3rd

June 4, 2010

A year ago today I was getting ready for the best day ever-my last day of school. Which was on June 4th- the worst day of my life so far. On June 3rd nothing was different at all because I had absolutely no clue. I remember on June 4th I was having such a fun time at school, little did I know my phone was flooding with mostly the title: did you hear already??? I thought it wasnt important enough to stop mingling with friends so I kept ignoring my phone. Thank God I didn’t find out until at least on the bus. I was getting off at my bus sop and read the worst text message that you could ever recieve: There was a car accident with Makenzie, Caitlin, and Aaron. For some reason my brain wasn’t processing quickly enough and I didn’t even recognize the names (because you never would think that the car accidents you hear about on the news are about your friends.) The person telling me had no clue how many had passed and who was hurt, and ended up telling me the totally wrong info. I called someone I knew knew the story and they told me what really happened, but man let me tell you I was hysterical. I have never dealt with a death of someone so young, and this was just too much for my brain to wrap around. I am SO overly thankful for the blessing of having two beautiful people, Caitlin and Aaron here today. Everything happens for a reason. It’s a blessing to have even known Makenzie.

Thanks for reading,